Kurt Martinez’s – The Idiots Guide to Breaking Hearts

For a Nottingham based artist Kurt’s voice sounds more like an American teen band than a singer from the Midlands.

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Kurt Martinez’s album The Idiots Guide to Breaking Hearts is a unique blend of upbeat electro pop with a fresh soft punk rock sound.  The lyrical content of the songs resonates with modern “emo” rock as well as 90s teenage punk rock with lyrics generally focused on teenage angst and failed love.

For a Nottingham based artist Kurt’s voice sounds more like an American teen band than a singer from the Midlands.  The electrifying opening riffs of the first track, “Future Dreams and Movie Scenes” quickly morphs into teen pop rock with an energetic underlying electro beat.  This fusion of dance and teenage rock sets the tone of the rest of the album, with an unpredictable oscillation between different genres.

Kurt’s second track opens with a definitively more electro sounding tune which is again overlaid by pop lyrics.  “Nothing to Lose” steps up the pace of the album with a more vibrant and energetic feel.  Sianna Perry then features on the next track “My Goodbye”, taking the mood of the album away from teenage rock to a powerful and emotional pop ballad.  Her powerful voice and piano accompaniment is in contrast to the preceding tracks and creates a pleasant blend of genres, her voice being far more reminiscent of pop tracks by artists such as Adele.

The next track “Say it Again” jumps back in with a much heavier sound, featuring an interesting combination of heavy guitar chords and a fast paced electro/trance interlude that sounds like an Ibiza dance anthem before the heavy guitar chords and singing of the chorus resume.  Surprisingly enough the track also includes a dubstep breakdown which comes into play before the end of the song, giving the tune an edgier, more underground feel.  The listener is under the impression that the album is becoming progressively more upbeat and dance oriented with a harder sound.  The album seems to navigate away from the more “emo” sounding  tracks as it goes on, with the upbeat  electro tempo coinciding with more positive lyrics, culminating in the final track of the album entitled “Get Up, Get Happy”.

The album as a whole is uplifting and refreshing in its originality with a daring and unique combination of the dance and pop rock genres.  Young teenagers will love the emo rock lyrics combined with the dancey electro beat that infuses most of modern pop sound.  The album is well rounded, covering every aspect of popular sound, including the pop ballad type songs.  The Idiots Guide to Breaking Hearts promotes a unique modern sound that will appeal to all lovers of pop music.

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